Religion, Spiritualism And Clairvoyance


Seeking answers is part of human nature. A clairvoyant reader comes in handy when trying to understand events or persons beyond the normal sensory contact. Handling curiosity brings about mental comfort, reduces anxiety and the fear of the unknown in humans. Hope in the future is created as one finds answers and meaning to life.

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What do Religion and Spiritualism Have in Common?

Seeking the advice of a clairvoyant reader is often tied to matters of religion and spiritualism both of which have a lot in common. They both play a role in offering explanation and make sense of what is happening around people. They help you understand matters around life, death, sickness or misfortunes. In addition, they provide reassurance and ways of copying up with problems of daily life and uncertainties.  Both religion and spiritualism are tools of validation in the society. They outline the guiding principles, beliefs, customs and values that individuals uphold. Religion and spiritualism specify the rewards for good deeds and consequences of evil deeds in the human life time. 

The Difference Between Heaven and Spiritual After life

Some religious beliefs and spiritualism acknowledge the existence of heaven, the highest place above the human world. Heaven is considered a home for supernatural beings such as gods, angels, and spirits. There is also the existence of the spiritual after life which comes as a transition to another realm upon death. The spiritual after life consists of both good and evil spirits depending on the kind of life one lived before death. The ancestors of human societies are believed to exist in spiritual afterlife. The spirits often roam around the world either bringing fortune or calamities. Heaven on the other hand is only meant for the saints and holy, with no room for the evil. Supernatural beings in heaven guide and protect the living.

How clairvoyants Help You Come to Terms with Passing of a Loved One

Clairvoyants help humans solve mysteries including possible cause of death of a loved one. They enable people know whether the departed beloved ones are at rest or restless. They guide on what the living should do for the dead rest in peace. Further, they communicate the wishes of the dead to the living. Clairvoyants can create a platform in which the living can have a one-on-one conversation with the dead.  All these play part in handling grief and help you come to terms with the passing of a loved one. 


Clairvoyants are tied to religion and spirituality. They act as tools that help humans find answers to various questions tied to happenings in life. With possible answers and clarifications, peace of mind and hope for the future is found.