Common Questions

What happens during a Sunday gathering?

The Word of God is central to what we do on Sundays. We study and engage in Scripture as a community, often using questions and conversation during a service. We make an effort to communicate about God’s word in a way that is easily understood by folks with or without a church background.

In our sermon series we like to focus on books of the Bible, and also look at overarching themes and topics to study. We generally cover these passages verse by verse, providing context for the passage and highlighting areas of theology, and personal application.

The highlight of our Sunday morning is responding to what we have heard God say to us in worship and in the study of Scripture by coming to the Table for communion.

What do kids do during the Sunday gathering?

Children 1 year old through 5th grade are invited to join one of our 5 classrooms appropriate for their age range. Babies under 1 year old, and children 6th grade and up are welcome to join us in the main gathering.

Do you have to be a Christian to be a part of Evergreen?

While Evergreen is a distinctly Christian community, one does not need to be committed to Christ to participate in it. This community is committed to seeking God through the person of Jesus and we welcome those with honest questions as well as those who know nothing about Jesus to seek with us. We commit to time spent listening to God individually and as a community and to living out life in the way of Jesus for the glory of God, and the good of the city of Portland and no matter where you are on your faith journey, we invite you to participate with us.

What are Evergreen's beliefs and practices regarding women in Church leadership?

The position of the Evergreen Community’s leadership is that throughout Scripture God has led women like Deborah, Priscilla, and Phoebe into positions of leadership and into teaching both men and women. In Scripture, women join the mission of God as prayers, influencers, missionaries, teachers, co-workers of the gospel, theologians, apostles, and prophets. God equips both men and women through the power of his Holy Spirit to serve and lead in his Church. If you have further questions, specifically about how we handle Scripture as it relates to this topic, please speak to one of our elders.

What is an Elder Led Community?

Elders at Evergreen provide leadership and oversight of the church. They guide the community in sound belief and theology, and serve as role models, offering pastoral care by visiting the sick and praying for the church. Elders also administer financial oversight and support pastoral staff. The elder team at Evergreen is comprised of mature and godly men and women as well as the current pastors.

Is Evergreen a part of a denomination? 

Evergreen is not a part of a specific denomination and we welcome those with different denominational or non-denominational backgrounds. We see the denominational diversity within the body of Christ as a reflection of God’s unifying presence in Jesus Christ. While we may not agree on everything (and often do not), we are unified as a community through Christ. While we appreciate the rich histories and contributions of denominations, we also dream of a day where our similarities in Christ Jesus outweigh our denominational differences. We belong to a relational network of churches called the Ecclesia network. You can learn more about them here.

The Evergeen Community

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